The Australian Autoglass Industry Alliance (AAIA) was established in 2012 and grew out of industry circumstances where independent autoglass businesses did not have an industry voice. The rate at which the Alliance grew after its establishment demanded that much better governance arrangements were required and the AAIA became a nationally incorporated association were its purposes are to:

  1. promote the automotive glass industry in Australia;
  2. add value to the businesses and operations of members by representing and protecting their interests;
  3. lobby Governments, regulatory bodies, trade bodies, community groups and the media in respect of trade, regulatory and public policy issues affecting the automotive glass industry;
  4. foster productive relationships and encourage assistance among wholesale and retail business interests in the automotive glass industry and members; and
  5. assist members in identifying and securing business opportunities, including by assisting in preparing grant applications and securing funding.

The strength and influence that the AAIA is able to exert with respect to the above purposes is entirely based on the strength of its membership.

The AAIA is a not-for-profit entity, run by its members, for its members.

Governance arrangements ensure the alliance is run democratically and cannot be high jacked by a business network, a faction or the loudest voice.

The AAIA operates for its members a national call centre and a national billing service, and for independent operators this represents a means of being paid a competitive rate for their work.

Whilst the AAIAs existing membership provides a metropolitan coverage in major Australian cities, it also provides an excellent footprint in regional and rural Australia. Repair and replacement work can be done almost anywhere and generally by the next day (depending on the availability of the glass).

The other key strength that members bring to the AAIA is their 1000’s of years of experience and this is a defining difference between the AAIA and competitor organisations.

AAIA members are business owners that recognise their business relies on excellent customer service, quality workmanship, and the use of glass and urethane/adhesives that meets appropriate crash and test standards.

This underpins the lifetime guarantee provided for all work completed by AAIA members.

Insurers and fleet operators can be confident that AAIA members provide for their clients, customers and policy holders, a first class customer service experience.

With an existing membership of over 100 independent business (and growing), the AAIA is a truly national organisation, as opposed to organisations that claim national status but have only an excellent metropolitan footprint, and it is our objective to continue growing the alliance to ensure independent businesses have a stake in their own future.