AAIA Members Graduating

Thirty-five AAIA members will graduate in the Certificate III in Automotive Glazing Technology (AUR32216) in November 2017.

Whilst members started with the 2012 version, the Gordon TAFE has made sure that members will graduate in the latest 2016 version of this national qualification.

Those members successfully completing the program include participants from Queensland, NSW, Victoria, Tasmania and South Australia.

It is an initiative that the AAIA and the IAME will continue to support so that customers can be assured that AAIA-IAME repairers are qualified to return repaired vehicles to the road in a safe condition.

Note: the AAIA has joined with the Institute of Automotive Mechanical Engineers (IAME) to advance the cause of quality independent Autoglass repair businesses in Australia.

The AAIA sincerely wishes to thank the Gordon TAFE for their hard work, including the hefty travel schedule necessary to complete the numerous site visits across five states.

The training and assessment service provided by the Gordon TAFE is a point of reference in terms of quality, and a partnership the AAIA-IAME intends to grow.

This initiative was partly funded by the Commonwealth Government through its Industry Skills Fund (now closed) and the skilling initiative would not have been possible without this support.