The AAIA is a not-for-profit alliance of independent autoglass businesses across all States and Territories in Australia.

It is an incorporated entity with a management committee which is elected annually at its Annual General meeting.

The AAIA’s purposes are to:

  1. promote the automotive glass industry in Australia;
  2. add value to the businesses and operations of members by representing and protecting their interests;
  3. lobby Governments, regulatory bodies, trade bodies, community groups and the media in respect of trade, regulatory and public policy issues affecting the automotive glass industry;
  4. foster productive relationships and encourage assistance among wholesale and retail business interests in the automotive glass industry and members; and
  5. assist members in identifying and securing business opportunities, including by assisting in preparing grant applications and securing funding.



Membership of the AAIA is contingent on members agreeing to a number of minimum requirements.

  1. Appropriate business/liability insurance of a minimum of $10m
  2. Use of glass that meets Australian Standards requirements (AS/NZS 2080-2006)
  3. Use of urethane/adhesive products that meet Australian Standard requirements (AS4739-2002).
  4. A commitment to work with the AAIA in qualifying fitting staff to a minimum level of Certificate III in Automotive Glazing Technology (AUR32212).

This is a nationally accredited qualification.

  1. Agreement to AAIA auditing of above requirements.



The cost of AAIA membership is:

  • once only joining fee of $350.00, and
  • annual membership fee of $180.00 ($15.00/month or about 50 cents/day)

That is, an initial cost of $530.00 for a full years membership, and $180.00 per year thereafter.

The annual membership fee for new members is a pro rata arrangement of $15.00/month.

The AAIA financial year is July to June and a new member joining in January would be required to pay a membership fee of 6 mths x $15.00 = $90.00



Prospective new members are invited to ring Leanne on 1300 428 864 to discuss the benefits of AAIA membership or email using the following template.

Contact us page


ORDINARY MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION – (AAIA Application for Ordinary Membership)

ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION - (AAIA Application for Associate Membership)